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Two Mischievous Reds: @nyan-cater



“Oh, why ‘ello there, miss!”

Turning around at the sound of a bright, feminine voice, a smile split across peachy lips as she took in the sight of slim, uniformed girl.

“Lovely t’meet you, th’names Vanille, Oerba Dia Vanille! An’ you are?”

"Wow, what a name!" The girl exclaimed in awe. "I’m just known as Cater, the one and only! It’s nice to meet you too!"

There was a slight deja vu moment when she saw Vanille’s pink attire. Definitely it would’ve been right for extremely warm weather. But where did it look familiar, she wondered.

"Must be very sunny where you came from, huh?"



“Heya!” The keyblader greeted back with a smile as he waved back in response. “I’m goo; whatta ‘bout you? The name’s Sora, by the way!”

"Cater! My name’s Cater!" She saluted to him cheerfully. "What’s that giant key you got? Does it unlock a giant door?"



“I’m doing fine, thanks for asking!” the brunette said with a grin. 

"Ah! Sofia, is it?" The gunner recognized the cadet’s blue cape. "I hardly get a chance to see fellas outside of my class! Whatcha been doin’ these days?"



“It’s Fang, an’ ya don’t needa call me Miss eitha, alrigh’?” The huntress smirked, and moved her arms back to her chest where she promptly folded them. “Neva heard of Orience or Rubrum though.. I take it they ain’t exactly close to here, eh?”

"I…guess I can’t say it’s close to here! I’ve never been to a Cocoon or Gran Pulse before, and I thought they were just places mentioned in history…" She scratched her head, still lost in thought over what she would do next. "Oh, forgot! I’m Cater! Nice to meetcha, Fang!"


Ibara Mayaka + Random quotes



“Well…people aren’t really supposed to know magic, where I’m from. Only beings known as ‘Espers’ should. So really, anyone that knows magic is unique.” She kicked a nearby rock.

“It was supposed to have disappeared a long time ago after a war, except in my town, where the descendants of the Magi live. And then…about 20 years ago, it was re-discovered by a man named Emperor Gestahl. His city, Vector, was filled with machines, and he even went as far as infusing magic into a friend of mine and a man named Kefka. But in the end, Kefka went insane, killed the Emperor, and caused the destruction of my world.”

"Total destruction? Yikes…" She grew wide-eyed at the painter’s story. "But, right now everything looks fine around here, isn’t it? How long ago was this?"

"Magic’s also rare where you live, huh. Only the people in my country have the ability to use magic, it seems. We have a Crystal that is the source of our power, but, an enemy country has this sort of machine that can cut us off from the Crystal, meaning we’re unable to use magic until the machine is destroyed. Huh. Guess you could say, our enemy also specializes in weapons and technology." Cater looked up, realizing such coincidence.



“Hey there! I’m Ven!” He waved back and ran a bit closer. “So, what’s your name?”

"My name’s Cater!" She grinned and gave a thumbs up. "Howd’ya do, Ven?"



That made a bit more sense, and Fang gave her a slight nod in understanding. “Alrigh’ then, but that still doesn’t answer the question of where ya happen ta be from, ya know?” She pointed out, as she rested a hand up under her chin while jade eyes looked over Cater.

"Ah! I’m from Orience! My home country is Rubrum, to be exact," She gave a thumbs up, then grinned sheepishly. "Erh, I s’pose you haven’t heard of it, Miss…?"

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